Employers Information

An Apprenticeship Broker can:

  • Support you to access young people from age 15/year 10 for School Based Apprenticeships.
  • School Based Apprenticeships can be working for 1-2 days per week with you, which can be good if you can’t commit to a fulltime apprentice or trainee.
  • Their Trade training is done either in blocks or a day per week.
  • Their compulsory schooling, like English and math is done on the other days.
  • All of this counts towards them getting their year 11 and 12.
  • The apprenticeship is completed after year 12, then the employer needs to take on the young person fulltime. 
  • Full time apprenticeships are an option for young people who are work ready too, if you would prefer fulltime.

To access these young people, it is as simple as:

  • Contacting an Apprenticeship Broker to let them know when you have a need for a school based or fulltime apprentice.
  • They can then recommend the top students in trade courses for you to interview.
  • If you wish to move forward from there, they can organise the parties to sign the contract.
  • One of which is the Apprenticeship Centre, who ensure your incentives are received and submit the contract. 
  • Apprenticeship Brokers can work with and refer you to group training too, if you have a young person in mind that you wish to employ.  
  • Apprenticeship Brokers can also do appraisals around the 3 month mark, and support any mediation type work needed especially in the first 3 months.

Other information you may need is:

  • Regarding wages, the first point of call is Safework SA on 1300365255 (they may put you on to ‘Fairwork Australia’ depending on the kinds of business you have).
  • You can ask them about the wages, if you need to pay super and tax and how to go about that.

Useful documents and links:

  • The information below includes employer information, incentives, commonly asked questions,